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Dance and Workshop for 2020 has been canceled.  We will be back in 2021!

As many of you may have expected the North Star Line Dance workshop scheduled for May 2, 2020 has been canceled.  We have rescheduled the event for May 1, 2021 still to be held at the Rosemount Community Center,

We hope as many as possible will be able to attend the workshop next year.  In that respect there are a coupe of options regarding your registration fees.

1.     We are hoping that many of you will take advantage of this option - we will hold your registration forms for next year and as an incentive we will pay for your lunch - so if you paid for lunch we will reimburse you at the workshop next spring.

2.  If you really need your fee returned - let us know and we will refund it as soon as possible     and request that you send a stamped self-addressed envelope to Dariel Allen, 14821 Echo Way, Apple Valley 55124.

Keep in mind we will have to determine if that is a 100% registration fee refund and that will be determined by how many are requesting a return as there have been some supplies and expenses that have already incurred.  Just so you are aware that it may not be a 100% refund.  But we will do the best we can to accommodate everyone’s request.

Also for those that were aware that we were going to hold a garage sale to help defer cost and also to make a larger donation to the SVC - the sale has been cancelled.  We are looking ahead to hold the sale on Saturday, April 24, 2021. 

Thank you everyone for your support and for being a part of the awesome dancing community.  We appreciate all your work and your willingness to step up when needed for supplies, contributions, and for your time.

My prayer is for everyone to be safe and hopefully we can get back to our favorite pastime - dancing very soon.

Take care,
Dariel Allen & everyone with NSLD



2019 North Star Line Dance 

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Welcome to the annual North Star Line Dance workshop.  We are all excited to again host an event that lets us do what we love - DANCE!!!  Saturday, May 2nd will be a fun all day event consisting of alternating beginning and intermediate line dance lessons taught by experienced teachers followed by an evening of all request open dancing. 



Dariel Allen, Director

Proceeds from the $35.00 Full Day or $10.00 Evening Dance registration fee go to support the Sexual Violence Center in Minneapolis.

The event will be at the Rosemount Community Center, located at 13885 S Robert Trail, Rosemount MN 55086. Water, coffee and snacks will be provided. Pop will be available for $1.00/can. More information will be added as it becomes available.

Thank you to everyone for making the 2019 dance workshop a huge success.  We look forward to a bigger and better workshop in 2020.  See you on the dance floor!!!!





Please watch this for any developments around the current virus issue.

1.  If anyone attending needs gluten free food please let me know ASAP or make a note of that on your registration form.

2.  A spectator pass" for those that would like to see the workshop  but are not interested in dancing.  There will be a $5 charge for a pass and if they would like lunch or dinner they need to fill out a registration form and attach a check.  Print see the registration form from further down this site.

Pictures from 2019



Niko Salgado - and Mary Hill - [Swayd (Those Boots)] - Shoes


Dance Shoes

Dance Shoes photo B.png

Bling Clothing

Sherry Shadle  - 


Dance Jackets



Miranda Curtis  - Paparazzi Jewelry


   T-Shirts are NOW Available for Order!  

S-XL = $17.00, 2XL-3XL = $19.00



“Bling” can be added around the neck for an additional $5.00.    For any additional “bling” and delivery information, contact:


             Sherry Cross at              

                                     (865) 604-9292




Class Schedule


Downloadable Registration Form 

Open Dance Songs and Dances

This is a partial list of songs we will be playing during open dance between lesson slots and during the evening dance.  Email with more requests!!!


Our Charity

SVC - Sexual Violence Center - Minneapolis
The SVC supports anyone affected by sexual violence, whether the assault has just happened, or if they are coming to terms with trauma in the past. Even if a person is not sure if what was experienced was sexual violence, the SVC is here to help. The SVC provides respectful, confidential services to victim/survivors, their friends, and their families free of charge. All services are open to people of all genders.  The SVC also provides education and training to any group, any where within Hennepin, Scott and Carver Counties.
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